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Singer wanted, vocalist wanted, vocalists wanted - all these things if your are a great singer!

Welcome! For more information please call us at 951-788-8327 (leave message if no answer) or email  Thanks!

Can you sing?  -  Do you feel joyous when singing, with a voice for dance music and pop tunes? When your voice soars do you become one with music? Excellent pitch (ability to sing the correct note and not go off-key)? How about style, attitude, sparkle, pizzazz and a wonderful personality? If this is YOU, 18 to 30 yrs, and you'd like to be a performer/recording artist, Msongs wants to hear from you!  Please live in the greater Honolulu area. You do NOT have to pay us anything for this career opportunity. We pay all recording and promotion expenses

 What is Msongs?
- Msongs is a vocal group project/concept developed by  songwriter/producer/artist Marshall Songs. We have many songs and tracks recorded and ready for vocals. So we need at least one male and female vocalist for our project. The goal is to create a group,  appear and perform in public around Hawaii, generate some publicity, have some fun, create music CD's if there is enough interest, the show biz/entertainment thing. Each component, songs, production, vocalists, contributes to the whole that is Msongs. Each person in return receives rewards from his or her participation.

What you bring as a vocalist/performer - Talent and time, excellent singing skills, artistry, willingness to learn new songs, desire to perform for the public, ideas and suggestions how Msongs can grow and succeed.

What's in it for you? - You get to be the vocalist/performer/entertainer appearing in front of an audience, with all the great things that come with that. You get the exposure to support and advance your career as a singer. You get paid for the performance, either by Msongs or from monies paid by the venue (place you are appearing). You also get royalties from sales of CD's, if released, which may be sold at the shows and at local music stores.

I sing great, I am interested, what do I do now? - Send us a link to your vocals on the internet or email us an mp3 demo or send us a demo CD. Two songs required, one a fast dance type song, the second a ballad (slow song). We are interested in your voice, not production and music values, so your voice needs to stand out from the background - and not be altered or enhanced by pitch adjusters or lots of echo and delay. Send us songs that show your style and vocal range. Submissions will not be returned or used by Msongs for any other reason than for this project.

Contact us & send the demo - email your demo to
 Call us at 951-788-8327 and leave message with clear call back number if you wish a return call.

Live Auditions? -  Live auditions may be scheduled in Honolulu so vocalists can do their songs in person. Information will be sent to interested parties when those auditions are scheduled if necessary.

What happens then? - If we are interested in your voice, we will contact you. You will need to sing a few verses/choruses of several of our songs so we can hear how you sound doing our material.

How it works -  We are not looking for session singers. We will rehearse songs and put together a one hour stage show and perform in some venues to see how it all goes. If it goes well and we are satisfied that we have something good, we will play in more places. If there is interest and demand, THEN we will make a music CD.

Legal stuff: You must be at least 18 years old. If you use illegal drugs or require alcohol as a performance enhancer, please do not contact us. You will be asked to perform in venues such as bars and clubs, public fairs and events, political and social events, gay clubs "&" pride events, private parties, churches, college scenes, etc. However, Msongs as an entity does NOT necessarily endorse, advocate, or promote any religion or political view.

You can contact Msongs by phone during reasonable hours, at 951-788-8327. If no answer, leave a brief message with a clear return phone number if you want to hear from us. Or email us at 

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