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We have good songs for you to sing in your solo act, in your group, or your band! Many great songs suitable for a variety of styles like pop, R&B, country, jazz, rock and soul!

Click HERE for our songs demos page where you can hear short clips of available songs written by M. Heaney aka Msongs. Songs by other writers are not published by or available from Msongs.

Most of our songs have complete full length demos and many have lead sheets (sheet music) available also.

These songs are available for license for performance and recording and media play in your recorded versions.

Contact us via email at M_4songs at msongs dot com or call us at 951-788-8327. Please leave a brief message and contact phone number if we are unavailable when you call.

Take a minute and read about the Msongs musical play, "L.A.Shake!", a 2 act production about a songwriter's struggles in the business and in love, featuring many Msongs tunes, 4 leads, 4 secondary characters, and a cast of street people.


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