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Welcome to Msongs Music!

Msongs is a pop/dance vocal group from Honolulu, Hawaii. We are currently interviewing singers for vocalist roles in the group. We sing dance/pop/funk and more. Read about us by using the links below.

Vocalists Wanted Details HERE -  If you have a great voice for dance music and pop tunes, excellent pitch (ability to sing the correct note and not go off-key), style, attitude, and a wonderful personality, and you are 18 or older, Msongs wants to hear from you! Click this link to get details on our search for male and female vocalists in Honolulu. 
Msongs Demos  - Hear demos of songs planned for the Msongs show and possible CD.

Msongs Videos on Youtube - How to combine batik art with heat transfer images, The Beatles at Dodger Stadium, and more videos!

Need Songs to sing in your shows ? - Msongs music publishing has songs for you to sing!
Msongs musical "L. A. Shake!" - a bright and funny musical play about a songwriter struggling in the music business in Hollywood, with the songs L.A. Shake!, C'mon & Love Me, Looking for My Other, and more. Perfect for community and school theater groups and cabaret style settings with minimal stage or sets. Email us!

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