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     Demos of songs suggest arrangements and styles, waiting to be fine tuned to match the voices of the final vocalists chosen to sing them. These demos are not final mixes. Featuring the voice of yours truly, Msongs. We hope you enjoy them!
     These songs are available for you or your act. We are also looking for vocalists for our CD project.
If you live near the Inland Empire area of Southern California, click HERE to read more.
     These demos play well using Windows Media Player and Quicktime.

C'mon and Love Me  1:14  M. Heaney 
Never Be Afraid to Cry  :55 M. Heaney 
What's A Girl to Do?  1:04 M. Heaney 
I Looked Away  :34  M. Heaney 
Saving it All Up For Larry  1:27 Nagle/Matthews
Any Man In Love  :49  Holland/Dozier/Holland 
LA Shake - Spanish pop  :58  M. Heaney 
LA Shake - English pop  1:08  M. Heaney 
Love Affection Romance :53 M. Heaney 

Recorded at Tito Castro Studios, San Bernardino, CA.  Additional vocals by Tito. Arranged/produced by M. Heaney and T. Castro. Songs © by authors or their publishers.

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